Music In Our Mind: music picks from staff

The Lemon Twigs debut album Do Hollywood is already a year old, but the nostalgic mood Brian D’addario and Michael D’Addario create make in our millennial present covers you like a daydream. Taking cue from 60s baroque pop and 70s electric guitars, each song brings a familiar yet distant sound in our mind. As we ponder of lost love or where we stand in life … Continue reading Music In Our Mind: music picks from staff

Radiowaves: Pop Psychedelic

“I tried and I tried on my life on my life To get you to be with me”   Do Hollywood by The Lemon Twigs Similar Acts (Old and Contemporary): The Kinks Foxygen Harry Nilsson Of Montreal Paul McCartney Whitney David Bowie Perhaps you’ve stepped into a Wes Anderson movie, or perhaps you just stumbled upon one of Los Angeles newest band’s breaking into the … Continue reading Radiowaves: Pop Psychedelic

A Season for Living

Why is it I can’t afford a season living here? The lights that gleam elude me                     the last rays           ricochet off glass windows in the traffic of debris outside my faded window. Bright men and women ​                  briskly return         underneath the heavy jaundiced heat, one leg stubbornly pushing  just before the day breaks No one finds the end And in breathing they live in loops … Continue reading A Season for Living