How I started watching Dr. Who


On T.V. Now

A few years back, I sorta of, kinda of knew what Dr. Who was about. I knew that it involved time travel, a blue box, and a man. Then, I knew that the leading actor kept changing, but there was an explanation inherent in the character’s progression for that. This was superficial stuff I gathered from seeing random things on the internet and hearing brief plot explanations from friends.

Now it’s 2016 and I am –of course- hooked on it! It’s a shame I’ve started watching until now, considering how Netflix decided to take out the whole show from its list. In fact, if I want to know what happens till the very end of season 8, I would have to spend exactly a month of watching the show before February 1, 2016 comes! Obviously I took the challenge because I am compelled to know what happens next.

I could have written on each season I’ve watched so far, but as you now know, I am much too busy trying to gobble every Dr. Who season up and find out the following: Does the 11th Doctor die? (Probably not, cause of season 8’s new Doctor); How does he escape his fate, then? What happens to River? Is this the end of Rory and Amelia as the Doctor’s companions? When the 11th Doctor regenerate? How long will I have to wait to watch the episode where the Doctors meet??

I have less than a week to find out the answers to these questions, and I am relentlessly determined to make it all the way. I’ve greatly enjoyed the past seasons and getting to know the Doctor, and like most fans of the show, picking my favorite one so far – mine’s the 10th Doctor, the ever charismatic David Tennant. Although the change from Season 5 to Season 6 felt shaky and was disarming, I’ve adapted to the world of the 11th Doctor, and rather reveled in the main story arc between River Song and him. And, mind you, I have so much to see and learn once I finish watching the show on Netflix. With just a glimpse of the countless Dr. Who websites and resources, I am excited and overwhelmed to surf through these at my leisure. For example, I just saw a cover of a Dr. Who magazine – is that a real publication or is it a mock-up of some fan’s vision? I don’t know! But I’m bookmarking it for later. See, this the level of my “newness.” I hardly stepped my foot in it, while there’s a bunch of you already swimming inside of it.

Anyway, I just wanted to express the superficial whirlwind I’m going through just becoming part of the Dr. Who experience. Although I might have clumsily explained my fascination, let’s hope it doesn’t deter any one that is still on the fence about the show.

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