Book of April: Don’t Panic!

Book of the Month: Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 

In celebration of Earth Day, we think it’s only right you read Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 

If you’d like to read and buy the whole series, you can find it here at Barnes and Noble. Quite a good and cheap edition!

Synopsis: Arthur Dent, a normal human being. Nothing special; in other words, just like you. But what happens when special and normal are not what you thought they meant? Well, first you learn that the Earth, is not special, at all. Turns out, there are millions of planets out there full of vibrant life! Second, you learn that the Earth’s fate is doomed. And, third, you learn to appreciate this little space of blue and green, called Earth. There’s no place like home, even among the brilliant numerous stars.

2 thoughts on “Book of April: Don’t Panic!

  1. I’ve never read this book before – but it’s definitely on my list of ‘to reads’ that I log on Goodreads. My Dad and brother have both read it countless times (they’re big fans of the Sci-Fi genre). Me… not so much, but it would be cool to try out something new!


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