Radiowaves: Dreamy Vocals

“Just let the sound ride through you”

This month’s playlist features the dreamy sounds of female pop artists of the 60s and 70s. It begins with the flirty ye-ye song made popular by Gillian Hills. The playful love song was once recorded by Sophia Loren and produced by George Martin, but has survived into this modern era as the version sung by Hills. The song was brought back to life in an episode of Mad Men, in which Megan Draper sings this ditty to her husband at a birthday party. The song encapsulates the sensual yet playful image of the 60s French female pop singer. Next, we move on to Margo Guryan. She wrote “Values” back in the 60s, but released the song years later. Soft and playful, her vocals take you into an isolated, stripped down world that makes it dream-like. And still we linger in the 60s, but April March takes us in a slightly different direction. These two featured songs immediately took me to the movies, as I imagined these songs being featured in one of those indie movies about a confident girl moving in a bizarre or dark world. And, I am not that far off. One of her songs, “Chick Habit” was featured in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. March keeps the spirit of the 60s, creating dark moods with the guitar accompaniment. We move forward with Spanish artist Jeanette, whose sweet, innocent voice drifts over the wall of sound. The string arrangements emphasize the pathos of her voice as she muses about her sentimental lover. She strings you along with a simple verse- chorus, but your mind lingers there even after the song ends. Jeanette became a popular Spanish singer up through the 80s. Her characteristic breathy voice propelled her music into Latin America, and can still be heard in the Latin classic hits radio stations. For the end, we stop with Baccara, a Spanish group still performing the old hits in Europe. The Euro group released this summer single in 1977 as a disco act . Though upon hearing this song, you immediately hear DISCO, it gives you that dreamy atmosphere filled with strings and flirty, breathy Spanish-tinged vocals.

“Values” Margo Guryan

“Le Temps de l’amour” April March

“Le Chason de Prevert” April March

“Corazon de Poeta” Jeanette

“Yes Sir, I Can Boogie” Baccara

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