Idiot Philosophy No. 3

By Luna Violet

Sex. sex, sex, sex. A word easily thrown around these days -in the media and in most households. Not in mine, not exactly. The idea of naked bodies passed around our house, nonchalantly, but when moaning and groaning or any movement between naked bodies appeared, it was immediately diverted by anything innocuous.

And, what is it about the construction of the word. To say something is exciting, you use the word “Sexy.” It does not always mean sexual, but alluring and maybe even dangerous. For many hormone-addled teenagers and young adults it is a rite of passage, from the stumbling, cocky idiot to the knowing, arrogant adult. The day you have or do sex, you are an adult, fully accountable for any consequences your non/sexual actions bring. By my peers standards, if you were still a virgin you either were religious (which was dumb) or were a loser (which was awful). Both gave you the image of a little goodie two shoes, in capable of doing something bad, and therefore cool.

Perhaps, because our assumptions and beliefs about sex reach back to biblical ideologies, we tend to use sex as the boundary between innocence and adulthood. At the edge of childhood, you sit on a rock looking back at the ground or ahead at the various jagged canyons. What makes you decide to take the leap? Now, you walk through the other canyons knowing what it was to jump. You know. You have knowledge. Does this make you an adult now? Do you feel powerful?

And, what if you don’t jump? Because the ground is just as wide and textured. You don’t worry about the next leap since you have the whole plane around you all to yourself.

Yet, you lack a distinct pleasure, those who did jump will say.

Well, you live a carefree life, you say. No known romantic passion, but maybe there are other types of passions that fuel your spirit. No intimacy, but you never tire of discovering yourself. This happens, and you don’t remain a child. You are a woman, with responsibilities and pleasures.

To convince others of your carefree and pleasant life without sex, you make a list:

Things I Get To Do

  • Bake bread, instead of dating
  • Take a swim in the ocean, instead of 69
  • Take the trash out, instead of compromising to get some
  • Binge watch stuff on Netflix, instead of oral
  • Read, you get the point

This doesn’t mean that those who have sex don’t get to do any of these activities; however, you just have MORE time to do them. More time to revel in the moment. And, sometimes, you get more sleep.  

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