Radiowaves: Pop Psychedelic

“I tried and I tried on my life on my life

To get you to be with me”  

Do Hollywood by The Lemon Twigs
Similar Acts (Old and Contemporary):
The Kinks
Harry Nilsson
Of Montreal
Paul McCartney
David Bowie

Perhaps you’ve stepped into a Wes Anderson movie, or perhaps you just stumbled upon one of Los Angeles newest band’s breaking into the indie scene laden with nostalgia and renewal. Dressed in 70s garb and exuding glam power as they stand in front of the 101 freeway, The Lemon Twigs pose for their debut album, Do Hollywood. These two brothers manage to translate their creativity with their own musicianship, not wholly reliant on synths and ready-made machine sounds. Both are known to be multi-instrumentalists (playing most of the instruments you hear on the tracks) and to have written their own material. Though their lyrics tread as dim or simply pleasant, The Lemon Twigs embody strong potential for making it big while innovating a new marriage of lyrics and music as those 70s rock icons did.  

The Lemon Twigs have cited more modern bands as their source for inspiration (such as Tame Impala), but written in the DNA of these songs are the coding for many pop-rock acts of the 70s, such as The Kinks, Paul McCartney, and Harry Nilsson. They have the quirk of the Kinks, the melodrama of Nilson, and the sweetness of McCartney, as well as the knack for melody building.

Though The Lemon Twigs’ pop psychedelia may be pushed as quirkiness, don’t let that fool you. They are as dynamic as the next big act, despite this being their first album.

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