Eloquent. Graceful.Witty. Insightful. Hilarious. These are just a few adjectives that you might not think of when you read the Little Brown Bird Songbook. Although we strive to write about unique and interesting things, we cannot guarantee all the things here will be worth your while. We would like to think of each post as a way to talk to strangers, because we are either too busy or too modest in real life. To be quite honest, it is an experiment of sorts, our lab in which we practice and practice to get better at telling stories. Although we are not always confident of the good quality of our posts we strive to write with the most ingenuity and integrity. Above all, we remain humble and unhindered by the need to make a profit of our Songbook. Sure, we’d like to get a lot more traffic here, but not all is measured by popularity and renown. If you do happen to give us a chance because  you see a flapping speckle of talent here, we invite you to comment and/or follow us! Alright, in the interest of not wasting your time, we’ll stop….here. Arrivederci!

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