A Season for Living

Why is it I can’t afford a season living here? The lights that gleam elude me                     the last rays           ricochet off glass windows in the traffic of debris outside my faded window. Bright men and women ​                  briskly return         underneath the heavy jaundiced heat, one leg stubbornly pushing  just before the day breaks No one finds the end And in breathing they live in loops … Continue reading A Season for Living

You Can’t Help Yourself

  The anger that grows from upstairs neighbors’ overheard disputes     leaves you longingly looking at the windows in front of you     you can’t help yourself   You can’t deny that the monotony makes you a little sad      you focus on the details      that blur the image of everyday   And though you might say cynical, the cynic pities everything   All you ever wanted was … Continue reading You Can’t Help Yourself

On being unable to say goodbye

On a night, any night I should say, the oceans swell and deflate. I am lying alone in the endlessness of my empty apartment. Leaves rustle, the big bang happens. A cherry falls, the mother dies. In the giant holes left by Absence (walking astray into a canyon), the tardigrades build mansions of matter, gardens of particles as huge as themselves. My mouth waters and flowers wilt … Continue reading On being unable to say goodbye