Concert Series: Kinky

Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, Kinky’s funky beat thumped the stage and brought most of the crowd to its feet. A mix of rock and electronic music, Kinky brings together a new, yet deep-rooted sound to American and Latin American audiences. The electro beats jumped along the hip hop rhythm, reminiscent of the Gorillaz. Meanwhile, lead singer Gilberto Cerezo, pulled the audience with the same energy … Continue reading Concert Series: Kinky

First Concert at Levitt Pavilion – Review

By Calisho June 17th marked the first performance of total fifty concerts at the Levitt Pavilion in MacArthur Park. With three acts kicking off the event, we got a range of synth pop to salsa to western Hispanic-tinged music rebounding all the way across to the Park Plaza Hotel. However, there was more than enough space to take a front row seat, whether on the … Continue reading First Concert at Levitt Pavilion – Review

Radiowaves: An Escape

When I can’t speak my mind, I can only sing my heart Stevie Wonder’s “A Place In The Sun” 1966 The Beatles “There Is A Place” 1963 The Kinks “Holiday” 1971 Beach Boys “Sloop John B” 1966 Too often we face the weariness of the everyday life, surviving rather than living it. The pressure of our circumstances pushes us to dream and long for that … Continue reading Radiowaves: An Escape

Idiot Philosophy No. 3

By Luna Violet Sex. sex, sex, sex. A word easily thrown around these days -in the media and in most households. Not in mine, not exactly. The idea of naked bodies passed around our house, nonchalantly, but when moaning and groaning or any movement between naked bodies appeared, it was immediately diverted by anything innocuous. And, what is it about the construction of the word. … Continue reading Idiot Philosophy No. 3

You Can’t Help Yourself

  The anger that grows from upstairs neighbors’ overheard disputes     leaves you longingly looking at the windows in front of you     you can’t help yourself   You can’t deny that the monotony makes you a little sad      you focus on the details      that blur the image of everyday   And though you might say cynical, the cynic pities everything   All you ever wanted was … Continue reading You Can’t Help Yourself

Radiowaves: Dreamy Vocals

A MONTHLY PLAYLIST “Just let the sound ride through you” This month’s playlist features the dreamy sounds of female pop artists of the 60s and 70s. It begins with the flirty ye-ye song made popular by Gillian Hills. The playful love song was once recorded by Sophia Loren and produced by George Martin, but has survived into this modern era as the version sung by Hills. … Continue reading Radiowaves: Dreamy Vocals