Discussion: Garcia Girls

Discussion Questions: How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents (Julia Alvarez) Although the work is fiction, it is almost inevitable to read the novel as memoir, delineating the experience Julia Alvarez experience while moving from her home country in the Dominican Republic to the United States. Even with the time period set in the sixties, many of the events and conflicts  Alvarez writes are contemporary … Continue reading Discussion: Garcia Girls

Discussion Questions: The Celestina

The Celestina If you liked the story of Calisto, Melibea, and Celestina and would like to continue exploring the language of this work, click here  for a bilingual edition. Named a tragicomedy for its clever characters and ill-fated love, this ‘novel in dialogue’ has been deemed seminal by scholars of Medieval Spanish literature for its great influence in modern works. It’s exemplary of the transition of … Continue reading Discussion Questions: The Celestina