Book of March: Garcia Girls

Book of the Month:​ ​How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents On Cultural Identity, Feminism, and Language Algoquin Books Edition It’s no secret that the Latino diaspora not only affects the immigrant’s immediate reality, but also affects their spiritual and emotional well­-being. It’s a wave so monumental that it still comes crashing into the lives of immigrants’ children as first generation success stories begin to … Continue reading Book of March: Garcia Girls

Book of February: After Many A Summer

  Book of the Month: After Many A Summer Dies The Swan by Aldous Huxley The Fault of Humanity in a Human World Elephant Paperbacks Edition New month, new book! Though The Celestina was enjoyable, we are moving towards a more contemporary period full of shiny and silly glitz, glamorous in all its superficial glory. I am referring to 1930’s and 1940’s Hollywood. As winter … Continue reading Book of February: After Many A Summer

Book of January: The Celestina

  Book of the Month: The Celestina Penguin Classics Ed. Since we are starting a new year, isn’t it apropos to begin with the renewal of a book? To take something old and transform it into something new? After all, aren’t we uber familiar with these months, but yet, strive to find something new and wonderful, now that they have come back? For this month … Continue reading Book of January: The Celestina