Reaching Toward A Palpable BoJack

On TV Now “I’m more horse than man” It’s the third season of the Netflix original dark comedy BoJack Horseman, and I am still lured by the seedy Hollywood glitz, depicted in a (literal) animal kingdom. It’s the Mr. Peanutbutter silliness weaving through scenes that bring me back again to Netflix, to watch this show after a long day’s work at night. Yes, I’m watching … Continue reading Reaching Toward A Palpable BoJack

A Cloudy Sky

I felt the loneliness of this winter softly sweeping away the converging parts of the sun I heard the proud moans of the afternoon over the empty trees. The humble silence grabbed their looks, and just as if they were watching God, their mouths wobbled, bemused shrouds of comfort. This loneliness emerging out of keepsakes snug inside my pocket, burst forth rushing quaking in the … Continue reading A Cloudy Sky