A Study of Flowers by the Naked Eye

Aster looks like a sponge Calla like a flute A kinky set of Chrysanthemum hair Mums freedom all over town When Fuji, wild and careless, jaunts But who can forget the daffodil? For years and years it does not cease Calling my name Though I’ve only seen it closed Those lazy eyelids give me bedroom thoughts all day Buzzing around my Gardenia Bird songs implore … Continue reading A Study of Flowers by the Naked Eye

Gentleman Friend

‘It doesn’t mean I don’t love you’                             I looked at him with my frail eyes. I felt defeated                standing before her resolved eyes.                ‘No. It just means                                you can’t take it anymore.     You’re done                         and I can’t even make you happy.     It’s too late to pull                                you back through here, with me, right?’ Running my hand through his hair, I merely said,                             ‘I don’t want … Continue reading Gentleman Friend