A Study of Flowers by the Naked Eye

Aster looks like a sponge Calla like a flute A kinky set of Chrysanthemum hair Mums freedom all over town When Fuji, wild and careless, jaunts But who can forget the daffodil? For years and years it does not cease Calling my name Though I’ve only seen it closed Those lazy eyelids give me bedroom thoughts all day Buzzing around my Gardenia Bird songs implore … Continue reading A Study of Flowers by the Naked Eye

A Cloudy Sky

I felt the loneliness of this winter softly sweeping away the converging parts of the sun I heard the proud moans of the afternoon over the empty trees. The humble silence grabbed their looks, and just as if they were watching God, their mouths wobbled, bemused shrouds of comfort. This loneliness emerging out of keepsakes snug inside my pocket, burst forth rushing quaking in the … Continue reading A Cloudy Sky

Cities Past Dreams

That one day, when the city has fallen asleep and dim housing lights, sullen, are outshined by the stars, we will turn our ears past the violence that mars the fluorescent tulips in my turbulent backyard. Wheels that spin forward under the shadow of lurking skyscrapers behind a choleric sun, inconsistently halt and grind.   After erroneous decisions we will then seek the rhythm of … Continue reading Cities Past Dreams

Fiddlehead Riot

The fiddle in the middle, like idle Maddie, is made of strong mettle. The throng of go seers left the farms a long time ago. The electric strings charm lines of people. Once, hanging fruits for the thieves stood strong; troops that the leaves hid. Amid the turbulent dry spell, the fathers left the mothers, irrigated once they were irritated with little water. Everything mattered -even … Continue reading Fiddlehead Riot