A Season for Living

Why is it I can’t afford a season living here? The lights that gleam elude me                     the last rays           ricochet off glass windows in the traffic of debris outside my faded window. Bright men and women ​                  briskly return         underneath the heavy jaundiced heat, one leg stubbornly pushing  just before the day breaks No one finds the end And in breathing they live in loops … Continue reading A Season for Living

You Can’t Help Yourself

  The anger that grows from upstairs neighbors’ overheard disputes     leaves you longingly looking at the windows in front of you     you can’t help yourself   You can’t deny that the monotony makes you a little sad      you focus on the details      that blur the image of everyday   And though you might say cynical, the cynic pities everything   All you ever wanted was … Continue reading You Can’t Help Yourself

All I Need

Sometimes, I forget how I’m built, unable to listen to the ticks the slow mechanism shifting away from sentimentalism Sometimes, I search for my mother, now laying in bed under the bright lights, her slow mechanism frightening my nightmares “This is reality,” she said. Sometimes, I don’t care of the world, but I see her back bended a U not built for elasticity, and underneath … Continue reading All I Need

Happy Mother’s Day, out there!

Happy Mother’s Day to all those caring, hard-working, and (above all) loving moms who deserve respect and adoration any and all days – not just today! In honor of them, we’d like to share this poem by Ken Nesbitt* on a mother’s unconditional love and unexpected love. Lunch Love Note Inside my lunch to my surprise a perfect heart-shaped love note lies. The outside says, … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day, out there!

A Study of Flowers by the Naked Eye

Aster looks like a sponge Calla like a flute A kinky set of Chrysanthemum hair Mums freedom all over town When Fuji, wild and careless, jaunts But who can forget the daffodil? For years and years it does not cease Calling my name Though I’ve only seen it closed Those lazy eyelids give me bedroom thoughts all day Buzzing around my Gardenia Bird songs implore … Continue reading A Study of Flowers by the Naked Eye

Gentleman Friend

‘It doesn’t mean I don’t love you’                             I looked at him with my frail eyes. I felt defeated                standing before her resolved eyes.                ‘No. It just means                                you can’t take it anymore.     You’re done                         and I can’t even make you happy.     It’s too late to pull                                you back through here, with me, right?’ Running my hand through his hair, I merely said,                             ‘I don’t want … Continue reading Gentleman Friend

The Day of Princesses

The day of the falling princesses everyone felt the beginnings of the rumble. Though they came from the sky, most were sure that the earth shook. They were relentless- looked like white tulips, but wielded swords, mercenaries of undying strength, underneath tiaras, debris, sludge, and broken walls. Dirty tiaras pierced the empty sky. The rumor went these girls were a vengeful God, reaching a long … Continue reading The Day of Princesses