All I Need

Sometimes, I forget how I’m built, unable to listen to the ticks the slow mechanism shifting away from sentimentalism Sometimes, I search for my mother, now laying in bed under the bright lights, her slow mechanism frightening my nightmares “This is reality,” she said. Sometimes, I don’t care of the world, but I see her back bended a U not built for elasticity, and underneath … Continue reading All I Need

Gentleman Friend

‘It doesn’t mean I don’t love you’                             I looked at him with my frail eyes. I felt defeated                standing before her resolved eyes.                ‘No. It just means                                you can’t take it anymore.     You’re done                         and I can’t even make you happy.     It’s too late to pull                                you back through here, with me, right?’ Running my hand through his hair, I merely said,                             ‘I don’t want … Continue reading Gentleman Friend