small details

      languid and far away these whispers fail       they hail                                  my brother                                          my mother jumping over time tricks, lost and wild      whispers lose against space   from another shot       bleeds a teleological body, garishly sifting through the means until       it collides with                                    present                                    past         in the beginning all I wanted was to know how the       world on a                          tortoise                          looked         but what happens when … Continue reading small details

Going | Seconds

Going Once, but not twice.        again does not persist         a passive chicken overtaken by fright of changing    turning everything around The proud cost of leaving time    To its own devices       corroding lines in the eyes of the chicken Infinitely significant (or not) because of “once”   Seconds Seconds like lonely birds that fly To some dry serenity Left empty in its passing. Continue reading Going | Seconds

The Imperceptible

There are the imperceptible things That I constantly long for And then there are inscrutable things that stand at the center of the way Harsh, rugged the inconceivable reality, The cutting interruptions, crimes against my understanding. I dive down like a dog in a storm When I get a glimpse of the sunset, I look for the subtle, hidden stars next to the sun They … Continue reading The Imperceptible